About us...

My name is Mandy and I started my business as a way to supplement my income after being unable to work due to Covid.  In May 2021 I was hospitalized and spent the next 60 days in a coma fighting for my life.  

Being immobile in bed for 2 months caused my body to break down far more than I could have imagined.  In addition to what Covid did to my body, during my illness I also suffered an intracranial brain hemorrhage, causing the right side of my body to be much weaker and respond much slower than the left side.  

Covid left me in the hospital for 6 months, and it was a precious milestone for me to finally be able to go home Thanksgiving Day.  Due to my physical limitations, I was unable to return to work and dependent on disability income, which wasn’t enough to cover my basic bills.

I also needed a way to combat depression and to keep my mind in a positive place and feel productive and useful.  Making candles helps me stay focused on my recovery and the road to the future I want while supporting myself and 3 kids as a single mom.  Being able to enjoy all of the wonderful fragrances and ingredients is a lot of fun and brings a lot of joy to my shut-in lifestyle.

After researching so many ingredient options and techniques, I choose to make each candle with all natural, renewable ingredients to produce a wonderful candle infused with positive vibes.  I firmly believe you get back what you put into something, and making these products make me so happy and I hope to pass that along to you each time you enjoy your candle.  I truly appreciate you for your support.