Texas Mother of 3 Left with $2 Million Covid Bill / Covid Blog Part #7

Texas Mother of 3 Left with $2 Million Covid Bill / Covid Blog Part #7

It’s become my #1 goal to make a full recovery.  I firmly believe God granted me a miracle and I’m going to grab onto it with both hands.  The doctors said I should have died, and they prepared for that.  But I woke up unexpectedly, and I am not going to waste the second chance I’ve been given.  I totally understand the perspective so many millions of people have today in “the Great Quit Out”.  I almost lost everything I have.  I almost lost my life.  It’s hard to wrap my head around what happened to me, but I have a completely new perspective on my future. 


The expression “tomorrow is not promised” has never been truer to me.  No more putting off things until later.  No more putting others ahead of myself.  No more dedicating time focused on things that don’t bring me happiness and fulfillment.  No more ignoring my needs and wants.  The future is all about ME.


Before I got sick, I watched Bishop TD Jakes preach a sermon about how God sends us a burning bush to get our attention.  Getting covid was my burning bush.  He showed me that it was time to live my life differently.  Time to live my life for me.  Time to stop focusing on the wrong things in life, and work towards the right things.  Work on MY goals, MY wants, MY NEEDS.  I’ve always put everyone ahead of myself and I neglected myself.  No more.  I’m important too.  I’m an extraordinary woman.  Strong, loyal, smart, funny, and incredibly determined.


I also named my business after one of his sermons, and you can watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQqAc9UwpTk&ab_channel=T.D.Jakes

I’m very fortunate to have someone close to me who continually encourages me to fight for my recovery, physically, mentally and financially.  He means everything to me.  He’s my best friend and he has my heart.  He advises me and is like a mentor to me.  He’s done everything he can to help me rebuild my life and wants to see me recover and become successful, and having someone like that in my life is incredibly important to me.  I have been unable to work since getting Covid in May 2021. 


With over $2 Million in medical costs and considerable out of pocket expenses, I have to find a way to supplement my income, and to maintain a positive mental state.  My disability income is only 60% of my employment earnings, which has led me to start this business, as a way to supplement my income and to maintain good mental health.  I appreciate the time you’ve invested in my story.  I hope I can help others going through the extremely difficult recovery after having Covid-19.