Murphy's Law is alive and well!

Murphy's Law is alive and well!

So last week I said I wasn't going to use this as a platform to complain, and that was a reflection of my a very bad mindset. I realized can tell the story of my miserable move without complaining, and instead laugh at the comedy my life is at times.

  • I've had a rent house reserved for over a month and packed accordingly. 1 day before I was supposed to start the lease agreement, they decided they didn't want to put the time or money into finishing up getting the house ready and I officially had no where to go.
  • It took 3 tries to get a U-Haul truck because they kept screwing up my reservations.
  • Instead of beginning to load the truck at 9am, I couldn't start until 1pm because of the delays.
  • Instead of leaving Sunday morning, we had to push it to Monday.
  • Monday while finishing up, my son was taking some items to his new apt and threw a check engine light on his car. It turned out to be an easy fix and thankfully the biggest delay was finding an auto parts store with an OBD reader.
  • Instead of leaving by noon, it was after 9pm before we left Dallas bound for Gueydan.
  • After driving all night and finally arriving at 6am, we got about 4 hours of sleep before we had to get up and unload the truck into storage.
  • Of course nothing ever goes according to plan with me, and what should have taken 2 hours took nearly 5. Had to reschedule the drop off twice and I was billed for extra mileage and a late fee.
  • Gas jumped $.25 a gallon overnight the night before I picked up the truck.
  • The whole move cost me nearly $1500 for the truck rental, gas for 3 vehicles, and food for 4 people on the road.
  • I mentioned above that I packed up 90% of my stuff with the intent of unpacking it when I got here, not putting it into storage. So now I'm having to dig stuff out as I need it, if I can find it, and I only have access to a few pieces of clothes.
  • A few days after I got here, the AC went out upstairs, then downstairs as well. For a week it was 90 degrees inside. We got the one downstairs fixed, but are still fighting with the one upstairs.

I've had a few days where I wanted to stay there and binge on Law and Order:SVU, and I did, but I know that mindset is never going to get me where I want to go. I'm beyond grateful that I have a place to go, and I'm enjoying being with my parents. But living like a nomad just sucks. But I clearly don't need 90% of I own, and can't wait to get my stuff out so I can throw it away! I'm incredibly blessed to have have this opportunity and the new life I have today. It's been hard, and I have struggled with depression, but I wake up each day happy to be alive and I keep trying.

I've got some great things happening! I'm working on a new novelty line of candles and melts, a new wax melt product that I'm REALLY excited about, and I'm excited about launching my fall line! I also donated a gift basket to the Gueydan Museum's silent auction and it was great to give back to the community!

Upcoming I've got a few pop-up's scheduled, so keep an eye out for those announcements!